The Comic Archive has a wonderful video interview with Joltin’ Joe Sinnott. One of the vanguard of Marvel Comics creators, Joe worked (and continues to work!) for more than 60 years alongside Jack Kirby, John Buscema, and others on everything from the Fantastic Four to the Silver Surfer to the Beatles…and more! Joe goes deep on his tools of the trade in this fan-friendly look at an amazing career.

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Joltin’ Joe Sinnott was a key piece of the early explosion of Marvel comics popularity. As a penciller he handled dozens of books over the years, but made his name as an inker of such artists as John Buscema and Jack “King” Kirby. Now you can re-live some of his greatest work…the original adventures of the Mighty Thor! As part of the creative team that included Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, Joe polished the dynamic pencils of the King and made the stories of our favorite Asgardian hero jump right off of the page!